Sparco is a highly respected reference point in motorsport safety equipment and a leader in manufacturing automotive performance accessories. Technical innovation, functional and unique design, and unparalleled quality make Sparco the choice of the world’s top racing drivers and racing enthusiasts.

Sparco has single mindedly followed the spirit of the performance oriented driver. At the same time they have created products that put drivers ‘safely’ in the driver’s seat.

A complete range of track and kart-specific full-face helmet is the forte. They are the result of a research and development process at the highest levels. In these products, Sparco has incorporated 25 years of rich experience on the racing tracks, from F.1 to Karting. After assessing the suggestions, demands and requirements of professional drivers, the company has engineered and in the process transformed the devices into mathematical models, analysed them and created state-of-the-art products. These have been extensively tested and fine-tuned in the wind tunnel at the FIA-approved Research Centre. A project has been in place for some years and is continuously evolving in order to offer drivers an unequalled range of helmets with smart technical features and safety credits.