Organisation :

The Personal Touch and Effective Results Combine to Create Customer Delight. Their Satisfaction is Our Reward. Methods is undoubtedly the No. 1 car accessories suppliers in the country today. 1989 saw the company begin with humble beginnings with Kumar and Sham operating a Door-to-Door sales outfit that serviced the safety and security parts of Maruti vehicles. The growth has been humongous and today the company has over 65 employees spread across India.

Our mission is to work with the best, deliver the highest standards of quality and performance.

Quality and performance are the standards we keep company with. It is difficult to beat perfection!

Methods is zealous about handling customer service directly and the focus is always on customer delight. Customer feedback and service oriented policies has made Methods what it stands for today. Top notch customer service is maintained with a motivated and dedicated team.

The path of continuous improvement and maintenance of a standard high quality has made the brand a household name in the industry today. Our clients are our testimonials. They have given us their unflinching support and are the cornerstone of our success.

Methods Automotive is synonymous with innovative product and sales promotions.

1991 heralded an association with Maruti Suzuki dealers in Bangalore. Subsequently we opened branches all over South India with sole dependence on indigenous suppliers. In the year 1996 Methods Automotive entered into a relationship with the Italian Motorsport safety major Sparco and stepped into the international market.

The team comprises of some of the finest automotive engineers and a plethora of sharp marketing minds who have dedicatedly scaled up the company to make it the behemoth it is today. The company has secured Tie-ups with leading international brands that manufacture car accessories and performance kits like K.N. Filters from the USA, one of the leading brands in the world. The Koni Shock absorbers brand from Netherlands further cemented Methods Automotive’s presence as an industry leader.

Our History